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Change the Attitude, Change the Climate! Think Global, Act Local! (GLOCAL)

Project Status: Closed

Change the Attitude, Change the Climate! 

Think Global, Act Local! (GLOCAL)

Restorative Justice for climate change

Erasmus+ Grant agreement: 2020-1-UK01-KA201-079000


Climate Change is an issue that affects all of us; we will witness droughts, rise in sea levels, heat waves, decline in agriculture and difficulty accessing water. Climate change will drastically affect certain communities around the world, some of the most disadvantaged regions will be the most ramifications. 

Project Aim

The GLOCAL project aims to enhance Climate Change education and address key competences around the professional development of teachers and address basic skills in learners while meeting their needs in an educational programme on climate change.  Furthermore, the project involves student mobility and offers them a chance to be involved in strategic changes about their schools and education. 
The rationale of this project was developed as part of a consensus of understanding that sustainable living is a “must” and a necessary part of today’s education offer for students from all educational sectors.  It is also based on restorative justice and its principles of power-sharing and respect. 
The project aims to boost participants’ creativity and expression by motivating them to create powerful awareness raising messages on the current environmental situation; develop participants digital competences by using the e-learning platform; disseminate project’s results at local level by means of the “GLocal” calendar and at national and international level by means of the project’s website and Facebook. The project will disseminate its results at national and European levels, in so doing helping to achieve the objectives of the new EU Youth Strategy and the Erasmus+ Inclusion and Diversity Strategy in the field of youth.  

The GLOCAL project goals:

✅ Enhance climate change education enriching it with the restorative justice values and practices.

✅ Address key competences around the professional development of teachers when it comes to the environment and restorative justice.

✅ Address basic skills in learners.

✅ Improve student mobility via strategic changes.

✅ Boosts participants creativity and expression via powerful awareness raising messages.

✅ Develop digital competences by using e-learning platform.

Visit our Theory of Change to learn our approach and expected outcomes.

The GLocal e-course!

Project Publications

This course is for teachers, educators, youth leaders, organizations, and people of all ages on climate change along with the concept of restorative justice and how to effectively protect the environment using its values.

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The 31st May Multiplier Event!

Check Out The Multiplier Event Resources!

“Environmental justice using restorative values and practices” – A presentation by Sofia Sideridou, RJ4All

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“Recycling and circular economy, based on sustainable resource consumption”
– A presentation by Alexandru Leu, Carmen music school

View now!

“Overpopulation and climate change: the environmental impacts of overpopulation”
– A presentation by Nilufer Doygun, İ.ova Youth Art Culture Organisation

View now!

“Pollution and impact to environmental quality and human health”  – A presentation by Felicia Dimulescu (Eruditus School)

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“Call for action!”
–  A presentation by Bertho Linda, Lycée Beauséjour School

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Glocal in pictures!

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