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FSB Community Award Celebration: RJ4All named Regional Champion!

Measurable community impact and successful business performance: RJ4All wins the Community Award of the Federation of Small Businesses

On 27th March 2023, the Greater London FSB Celebration of Small Business Awards ceremony was held, where RJ4All was proud to become a regional champion and take home the Community Award. Launched by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and supported by sponsors such as Reach Solutions, the  award recognises businesses who make a positive impact through employee-led activities that help support the community, while demonstrating successful community business performance and having measurable impact on the community they serve.

As the manager of the  Rotherhithe Community Centre, RJ4All has strived to provide direct support to the community with the ultimate vision of addressing power abuse locally and internationally. RJ4All does this through its holistic services that address financial, food, and fuel poverty relief,[1] and indirect support through projects with long term goals that foster individual independence, while strengthening broader intergenerational community cohesion.

“As a community-led organisation, we are extremely proud to receive this award, particularly at a time of exciting growth for RJ4All as we celebrate our 10th anniversary and set off to implement our new  3-year strategy. I am grateful for the recognition that this award brings to everyone who works, volunteers or supports RJ4All. I am proud to be leading a passionate and dedicated team that is committed to addressing the varied needs of our local community, and carrying out my vision to  build the world’s first restorative justice postcode.” -RJ4All Founder and Director Dr Theo Gavrielides

As will be presented in its upcoming annual Impact Report, 2022 saw many different community events held at the RJ4All Community Centre, where it has also hosted community projects and workshops on themes of empowerment targeted at youth, migrants, and various vulnerable groups. These have been complemented with training events, e-courses and upskilling sessions, alongside sports and fitness sessions in RJ4All’s accessible  Community Gym.

John Grounds, non-executive director of the RJ4All Board said: “To see the progress made by the team, delivering globally relevant projects as well as ‘heart of the community’ impact has been inspiring. In these challenging times, the new commitment to demonstrating the transformational potential of restorative justice through the first restorative justice postcode, suggests an even more inspiring year ahead of us.”

The international institute also championed internal and operational capacity-building throughout the year, to improve project delivery, monitoring and reporting with the overall goal of maximising positive impact. From strengthening staff digital capacity and developing a Green Policy, to holding formal and informal consultations with local stakeholders and upgrading its free  Community Gym to be more accessible, the organisation has certainly been busy.

A standout example of RJ4All’s commitment to dynamically respond to its local community is its establishment as a “Warm Hub” in SE16 – an accessible, warm space expanding and complementing existing projects to maximise community support throughout the harsh winter months. Amidst freezing temperatures and a complex socioeconomic context including the cost-of-living crisis, rocket high energy prices, RJ4All maximised the chance for residents to access support by extending its opening hours, creating its  Warm, Happy and Connected project. Despite not being funded, this project has had a considerable impact on individuals and the local community. RJ4All would be interested to hear from sponsors and donors with a commitment to address poverty and the reasons that lead to community tensions.


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[1] RJ4All offers: a food bank, community fridge, gym, library with free internet, and  charity shop; used by immediate residents and non-local drop-ins throughout the week.

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