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When Justice and Innovation come together: World and Local Peace from the Bottom-Up

Press Release

Embargoed on December 12, 2023

When Justice and Innovation come together:

World and Local Peace from the Bottom-Up

London, December 12th

The Restorative Justice for All International Institute (RJ4All) proudly marks ten years of pioneering transformative change through the application of restorative justice principles. This milestone celebration reflects RJ4All’s commitment to fostering criminal justice reform, community cohesion, and addressing power abuse and other pressing societal challenges in southeast London and around the globe.


“Trust in institutions such as the police, local councils, and the central government has reached unprecedented lows,”
stated by Councillor Nick Johnson, Chair of RJ4All. Statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveal that just 35% of the UK population expresses confidence in the national government. The stark reality of violence, with individuals aged 16 and over experiencing 8.4 million offences according to the Crime Survey for England and Wales for the year ending June 2023, adds urgency to the call for reform.

Emphasising the need for innovative solutions, Sir Bob Neill MP, RJ4All Patron, asserts,  “There is an urgent requirement for innovative approaches that can help rebuild trust and address social tension and power abuse, which are root causes leading to poverty, inequality, international conflicts, and climate change—a not only local but global issue. Restorative justice, through RJ4All’s work, brings us hope.”

Dr. Theo Gavrielides, Founder and Director of RJ4All said: “Today, we celebrate our community, whether this is our neighbourhood, our family, our city, the people we love, or the people we serve. I am incredibly proud of the collective achievement of RJ4All. Restorative justice for all means just that. Not for the few – not for the privileged. For all, because this is how we address power abuse and poverty. Thank you to all those who supported my vision and look forward to the next years. We have much to do!”

RJ4All has effectively translated restorative justice from theory to practice through its three strategic pillars: delivering high-quality, expert-led international publicationsand E-courses on restorative justice, establishing a community empowerment hub at the RJ4All Rotherhithe Community Centre, and driving international projects to disseminate its approach globally.

The RJ4All Rotherhithe Community Centre at Southwark stands as a testament to the impact of the restorative justice ethos, aspiring to become the world’s first restorative justice postcode. Here, community members of all ages and backgrounds are empowered to engaging in a diverse array of activities, including resilience-building Youth Club+, a food bank, wellbeing circles, a digital hub, free fitness and sports, andclimate change initiatives. These daily engagements contribute significantly to building social cohesion, enhancing wellbeing, and fortifying the community’s resilience in dealing with conflict, violence, and poverty.


Vani and Ramesh, volunteers and community members of RJ4All, shared their enriching experience, stating, “Joining and volunteering with RJ4All has been an enriching experience. The palpable sense of belonging and respect within the organisation makes every activity a genuine pleasure.” 


The year 2023 not only marks the 10-year anniversary but also heralds the launch of RJ4All Europe, a significant stride towards realising RJ4All’s vision of expanding restorative justice research and practice to be a global force for positive change. The institute has promoted its impactful models in several Erasmus+ countries through its international projects.


While acknowledging the challenges ahead, RJ4All takes pride in the last decade of transforming an idea incubated in its founder’s kitchen into a reputable organisation devoted to restorative justice. “Learnings from the past, coupled with growing expertise and unwavering passion, position us well for the journey ahead. We take pride in our community, volunteers, funders, patrons, and advisory board for making this journey possible,” emphasised Dr. Gavrielides.

For more comprehensive insights, please refer to RJ4All’s 10-year impact report: link 

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Abigail Stevens Stone, Marketing Manager

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Stay tuned for further updates on RJ4All’s 10th-anniversary celebration. Speeches, a recap video, and event photos will be posted on this page.

About RJ4All International Institute:

Restorative Justice for All (RJ4All) is a charitable, user-led international institute with a vision of a world where power abuse is rooted out, and embraces the restorative justice values of power sharing, fairness, equality, dignity and respect. We pursue our vision by using the power of dialogue, education, sports and art, as well as the practices of restorative justice.

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