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Stop Press: RJ4All’s First Restorative Justice Postcode Steering Group Meeting

London, June 22 – RJ4All’s Restorative justice postcode Steering Group convened for its inaugural meeting to review the progress and impact of the organisation in combatting power abuse and inequality through the restorative justice values. This first meeting marks the beginning of a long-term partnership involving a diverse range of stakeholders, including field experts, development organisation leaders, councillors, and RJ4All, united in their efforts to establish the world’s first restorative justice postcode in SE16.

The purpose of the newly formed Steering Group is to provide strategic support and guidance on the project in key areas such as research methodology, impact, awareness raising and communication, as well as partnership and collaboration. During the meeting, Dr. Theo Gavrielides, Founder and CEO of RJ4All, reaffirmed the organisation’s mission, emphasising the transformative potential of collective action. He stated, “By working together, we have the power to create a significant impact locally and extend our restorative justice model globally. The expertise and collaboration of the Steering Group will be instrumental in turning our vision of a restorative justice postcode in SE16 into a tangible reality.”

Dr. Gavrielides also highlighted the critical role of the Steering Group in ensuring the meticulous documentation of the groundbreaking work being carried out by RJ4All in SE16. He emphasised the group’s involvement in ensuring the methodological rigor and quality of the research, which will serve as a comprehensive record of the efforts.

Lyndsey Phillips, Community Safety Manager for London & South East at StreetGames, member of the Steering Group, demonstrates her commitment to the initiative, stating, “StreetGames is delighted to have the opportunity to work collaboratively with RJ4All and partners in SE16 to truly understand the community need and the transformative impact we can have together. In particular, we look forward to supporting the design and delivery of an effective sports-based offer that feels accessible and engaging for all residents.”

The meeting featured a presentation highlighting the collected impact data of the Rotherhithe Community Centre at SE16, which has evolved into a vibrant hub providing essential services to the local community and young people. These services encompass a food bankcommunity fridgemental health supportssportsyouth clubs, and a variety of community engagement activities.

“Rotherhithe Consolidated Charities supports people living in its area of benefit, The Ancient Parish of Rotherhithe, that are in need. We are keen to support initiatives that benefit low-income residents, children and young people, and older people from our area of benefit. We are pleased to collaborate with the RJ4All SE16 Restorative Justice Postcode Steering Group and intensify our focus on those residents that are most in need.” Matthew Allgood, Clerk, Rotherhithe Consolidated Charities confirmed its shared vision when joining RJ4All’s Steering Group.

Following the presentation, participants engaged in discussions focused on the needs of the local community, as gathered in RJ4All’s first quarterly impact report. The report showcases the grassroots voice that emerged from the Speak Up Community Forum, conducted in March 2023. During this forum, individuals passionately expressed their aspirations for enhanced support in fostering community spirit and addressing tensions within public discourse.

RJ4All and the Steering Group have firmly established a long-term and attainable vision to expand the organisation’s impact far beyond the boundaries of London. This commitment to global outreach is exemplified by the recent presentation of RJ4All’s case studies at prestigious international conferences held in  Colombia and Hong Kong, and international partnerships in six Erasmus+ countries.

RJ4All and the Steering Group will work closely together to continue Speak Up Community Forum series, expand youth opportunities, strengthen community cohesion and effectively coordinate with policymakers in developing a comprehensive response to crimes. All the progress and impact will be documented through its ongoing impact research.

Councillor Nick Johnson, also a member of the Steering Group, commended RJ4All for its dedication, sharing, “Launching the world’s first ‘Restorative Justice Postcode’ here in SE16 is an exciting initiative designed to empower the community.

In order to facilitate ongoing collaboration and shared progress, a schedule for regular steering group meetings will be established. Furthermore, both the Steering Group and RJ4All will actively engage in an open recruitment and selection process to bring in five additional members, fostering a diverse and inclusive representation. Together, RJ4All and its dedicated stakeholders embark on a remarkable journey, bound by a shared belief in the power of restorative justice to create a world where healing and empowerment flourish for all.


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