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Community Gardening & Environmental Initiatives

Growing together, Greening our world!

Cultivating Community Wellbeing Through Gardening

In the heart of our community, we come together in the spirit of gardening. Through our community-led intergenerational gardening sessions, we cultivate not only fresh produce but also deep-rooted connections. Our mission reaches beyond gardening; it is about nurturing community cohesion and fostering awareness of reducing food waste and respecting the value of every morsel. Our gardening initiative is a vital component of our well-being service cycle, designed to enhance people’s overall sense of wellness. We firmly believe that it is the small actions that sow the seeds of positive, transformative change. Join us as we plant the seeds of change, grow together, and reap the bountiful rewards of both fresh produce and strengthened communities.

Join us for our gardening activities, currently scheduled every Thursday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Environmental improvement projects

We are currently reviewing our practices as an organisation and community to decarbonise our work and improve the environment. Through community-driven meetings, we are working to restore and expand greenspace, grow habitats to facilitate biodiversity and reduce our usage of energy and natural resources.

Some of our on-going initiatives include:

    • Empowering our local communities to take action and to learn how they can be more green.
    • Teaching our local youth about the environment and how to take care of it through a forest school that will be run during our free youth clubs on school holidays and half terms.
    • Making CO2 savings by collecting food that would be otherwise wasted and distributing it through our food bank for free to communities in need and improving our facility to lower our energy consumption.

Supported by:

The Community Gardening and other Environmental Initiative align with RJ4All’s vision to build the first restorative justice postcode in SE16. Support our mission and embark on our transformative journey!

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