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Project Status: Closed

Ending Sexual Harassment in Gaming

Challenging cyber harassment, bullying and discrimination to make online gaming a safe and more inclusive space for female gamers.

Grant Agreement number: 881701 — ENHAGA — REC-AG-2019 / REC-RDAP-GBV-AG-2019


Over the past decade, the popularity of online and console gaming has increased exponentially, transitioning from the niche to the mainstream. Unfortunately, this has not come without repercussions. With increased internet usage, fast-spreading mobile information and technology, online gaming environments, similar to social media platforms, have the potential to perpetuate cyber-bullying, harassment and gender-based-violence.


The overall aim of project ENHAGA is to develop and implement innovative practices to eliminate cyber harassment for female gamers. One of our main project objectives includes the development of an online game with associated tools to promote gender equality in online gaming and prevent cyber sexual harassment, and campaigning for greater support from institutional stakeholders. The project will also promote improved awareness of cyber sexual harassment among various stakeholders; including civil society agents and educators, through the development of a training manual for tackling online abusive behaviour. 

Across Europe and many other continents, the need for improved knowledge and training around tackling cyber-bullying and online sexual harassment is vital, as mobile and internet technologies  supporting online gaming platforms proliferate. For project ENHAGA, RJ4All will be collaborating with a consortium of European partners offering a wealth of experience on training and education around gaming, diversity, and measures to prevent violence and discrimination.

Challenge Stereotypes

By gathering data on the forms of harrassement, bullying and discrimination that female gamers face online, Enhaga exposes and challenges stereotypes that make female gamers the subject of sexual harrassment, bullying and discrimination

Educate & Empower Stakeholders

By equipping relevant stakeholders with awareness and innovative tools, ENHAGA  empowers them to eliminate and report cyber harassment and build cross-gender ecosystems of tolerance and respect

The Game

The ENHAGA game is a single player game which includes engaging activities that encourage players to identify cyber sexual harassment and respond to it. Players can learn what cyber sexual harassment is, how different games and platforms take actions against it and how users can use these features to protect themselves.

You can play the game here!

The Video

Learn more about the project with this intro video!

Project Publications


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