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ENHAGA Final Conference Press Release!

ENHAGA. End Sexual Harassment in Gaming Transnational Final Conference

This Friday 17th June, RJ4All will be participating in the international collaborative  ENHAGA project’s final conference, taking place in Rome. We are looking forward to discussing the successes of the project and its research, including the e-book – Ending Sexual Harassment in Gaming: A review from the UK, Greece, Italy and Cyprus – proudly published by RJ4All publications. 

One of the core principals of RJ4ALL is to improve community cohesion and combat discrimination in all forms. This is why we are proud to have been apart of such an innovative and cutting edge project that not only empowers young girls and stakeholders but also gives them the both the knowledge and tools to tackle sexual harrassment. We hope that this will lead to a harassment-free future in gaming.”  [Theo Gavrielides, Director and Founder of Restorative Justice For All International Institute

ENHAGA is a 30-month pioneering project that developed and implemented innovative practices to eliminate cyber harassment for female gamers through the development of an online game with associated tools to empower young girls on how to react to cases of cyber sexual harassment and further report incidents and eventually muting those who are often reported from online chat. The project also promoted awareness raising activities about the need to ensure harassment-free gaming environments for all. 

Aims of the project:

  • Preventing and combating psychological online harassment especially for girls and young female gamers
  • Promoting capacity-building for relevant professionals in the gaming sector
  • Making provisions for gamers from diverse backgrounds by helping to spread knowledge about the need to combat violence based on gender
  • Equipping relevant stakeholders with awareness, tools and empowerment in order to report cyber harassment and build cross-gender ecosystems of tolerance and respect

During the 30-month project life cycle, 7 partners from 4 European countries (Cyprus, Greece, Italy, UK) developed:

  1. The eBook “Ending Sexual Harassment in Gaming: A review from the UK, Greece, Italy and Cyprus”, which contains the research findings which showing that the online gaming community can represent both a safe space for female gamers and an arena with which illegal and abusive behaviours such as online sexual harassment are perpetuated. 
  2. The ENHAGA game: a single player game which includes engaging activities that encourage players to identify cyber sexual harassment and respond to it. Players can learn what cyber sexual harassment is, how different games and platforms take actions against it and how users can use these features to protect themselves.
  3. The ENHAGA Training toolkit, an online behaviour guide, to assist the transferability and adaptation of ENHAGA outcomes in different training contexts.
  4. 4 series of pilot training activities for the implementation and testing of the game with at least 400 young players and in particular women. 
  5. 4 series of Pilot Workshops for 200 professionals. 

The path undertaken, the products developed and the results achieved will be presented during the Final Conference on 17th June 2022 in Rome.

It will be possible to follow the event in streaming at the following link


  • ITALY: Cooperativa Sociale San Saturnino onlus [SANSAT]
  • GREECE: Kyttaro Enallaktikon Anazitiseon Neaon [KEAN]
  • CYPRUS: Ten Ton Train LTD
  • UNITED KINGDOM: Restorative Justice for All cic
  • GREECE: Symplexis
  • CYPRUS: Center For Social Innovation Ltd [CSI]
  • ITALY: Alternata S.i.lo.s. Societa’ Cooperativa Sociale
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