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Empowering Social Skills of Gifted Students by Inclusive Education 

Empowering Social Skills of Gifted Students by Inclusive Education (ESSGSIE)

Grant Agreement 2020-1-TR01-KA201-093617


RJ4All is pleased to join the ESSGSIE project coordinated by GAZIANTEP UNIVERSITESI in Turkey under the Erasmus+ programme. The project aims to examine the education of our gifted students and to strengthen their social skills by examining best practices. Furthermore, ESSGSIE aims to provide special education opportunities and train entrepreneurial individuals.
As highlighted in the Horizon EC programme, the aim of inclusive education is to cover all children who have difficulties in accessing social, cultural, educational, vital activities and opportunities equally with all community members, with or without disabilities, and the right of these children to receive education with other peers. In line with the knowledge and experience we have acquired, we aim to create educational environments at standards that will strengthen the social skills of our gifted students by adopting inclusive education principles.
With online and on-site meetings in cooperation with our strategic partners, we aim to reach students, teachers, parents, trainings, seminars, forums and workshops, as well as gifted students at the primary / middle / high school levels and their families, friends and individuals around them.

Project Outputs

                    • Accessible scientific publications
                    • Articles
                    • Online sustainable resources

Project Value

In the long term , we aim to create a permanent source to guide Education Policy Makers in the development of social skills of gifted students through inclusive education, to strengthen the social skills of our gifted students. At the same time, all project partner countries will prepare an educational programme by adapting the reports they generate from the project outputs to their socio-cultural structures.


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