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At RJ4All, we use photos and videos of community members engaging in our activities to showcase our program’s impact and inspire others to join. We prioritise and value your consent when it comes to capturing your images. Below, you can find further details regarding our photography practices.

Photograph purposes and principles

Our photograph purposes: RJ4All primarily uses photos/videos/recordings (hereafter referred to as media) for fundraising purposes or to encourage community involvement in our activities. We assure you that we will not utilise these media for commercial purposes.

Our principles: Our photography principles revolve around authenticity, inspiration, and respect for individuals’ dignity. RJ4All does not offer payment for the use of media.

Privacy procedure: We never publish personal information, such as names or addresses, alongside the images. We maintain secure storage and sharing practices, ensuring appropriate safeguards are in place when sharing media. We can provide you with a copy of any photos/videos/recordings or publications in which your media has been used upon request.

Consent Withdrawal

Participants have the right to change their minds and withdraw their consent at any time by contacting us at: Upon receiving your withdrawal request, we will securely delete your media from our system and refrain from using them in any future publications.

Consent Withdrawal

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