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June Newsletter

Interested in reading about recent updates ranging from the first Restorative Justice Postcode Steering Group meeting and RJ4All’s First Quarterly Impact Report, to our improved and inclusive Community Gym, to our creative, culinary, digital, sustainable and employment-boosting workshops? Have you heard about the  brand new article feature in MyLondon which highlights our Restorative Justice Postcode project and Community Centre services? Want to learn more about RJ4All’s upcoming Youth Club, Restorative Models staff training and Community Southwark Networking event in July? Looking for the latest updates on our diverse range of  projects exploring initiatives focused on the transformative power of restorative justice art in cultural awareness and migrant integration and the empowerment of marginalised youth through sports?Read more! 

May Newsletter

Interested in reading about the success and future plans for RJ4All’s Aviva GLocal Restoring Green Communities crowdfunding campaign? Have you heard about our international projects officers’ Multiplier Events at our Centre to share creative workshops alongside the intellectual outcomes of the Our CulturesRestoring Power and GLocal projects? Want to learn more about RJ4All’s RJiNEAR Model of Resilience which offers a fresh approach to resilience, crime prevention and control? Looking for the latest updates on our diverse range of European projects exploring initiatives focused on building institutional capacity for effective distance education and empowering teachers and students with creative practices in education?View more! 

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