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Project Status: Closed

Building professional capacity to combat discrimination against and better meet the needs of Intersex Persons

Project Objectives

BRING-In is a ground-breaking initiative aimed at improving knowledge and awareness on intersex equality, particularly in the health and social care sector. The term ‘intersex’ refers to people who are born with sex characteristics such as chromosomes, genitals, and/or hormonal structure that do not belong strictly to male or female categories, or that belong to both at the same time.

The overall project objective of BRING-In is to promote intersex equality in the UK, Greece, Hungary and Bulgaria by educating social and healthcare professionals on how to recognize, prevent and combat intersex discrimination, while raising public awareness and advocating for the need to act upon the human rights violations that intersex people face. For more information on the project and our partners please click above to visit the BRING-In website.

Inform & Influence Policy

Increase the evidence base around the current situation of intersex people living in Europe and thus the ability to inform and influence effective policy. Working with the intersex community and allies to gain informed research and perspective.

Combat Discrimination

Improve capacity to recognise, prevent and combat intersex discrimination in the social and healthcare sectors through increased knowledge, and understanding among professionals around the needs of intersex people. 

Increase Awareness

Increase awareness through advocacy among professionals, policy makers and the public about intersex equality and the human rights violations that intersex people can face. Development of Online Learning Resources on intersex equality that professionals, stakeholders and policy makers can draw on.

Our Partners

Our Funders


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