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Accessible Fitness

Get Active Together

Providing accessible fitness classes to Southwark residents with disabilities

SISPAN Get Active Together aims to address social and physical exclusion, including a lack of accessible gym spaces locally, for people with disabilities living in Southwark. We believe that there are not enough inclusive physical fitness spaces for disabled gym users in Rotherhithe, particularly following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

RJ4All has collected evidence on the damaging effects of COVID-19 on local SE16 populations, including increased social isolation and experiences of poor mental and physical health. People living with disabilities are no exception, and our disabled service users have even expressed the need for more inclusive exercise spaces. Even more, there is no free and accessible community gym in the entire South East London. 

RJ4All is pleased to be able to provide a more accessible gym space which is entirely free to the community. The removal of steps and installation of a ramp now allows a gym entrance for our disabled users. The next phase will include the addition of full body workout equipment which is appropriate for users with various disabilities. This project aims to close this gap by creating both more inclusive physical spaces as well as activities for D/deaf and disabled people in Rotherhithe and the greater SE16 area. 

Currently, RJ4All provides:

Group fitness classes with a qualified Personal Trainer who will lead relevant and accessible exercises tailored to a group of no more than 4 people. 

This project is made possible through the support of SISPAN, a network first of its kind in our area chaired by Southwark Council, London Sport, Disability Sports Coach and London South Bank University. 

I am a qualified personal trainer with expertise in supporting individuals with mobility difficulties.

As a local living in SE16 I work at a Bootcamp where I’m a physical trainer.

I help people with any kind of injuries and help them to move again, focused on functional movements and mobility.

I have done many projects for helping people to get back into movement. For instance, I have been working on projects with Origym to create productivity at work through good mental health.

I also worked for the council in 2021 just after lockdowns, where I volunteered to help people with learning difficulties and them back into a daily routine while adding movements.


This project is funded by Southwark Inclusive Sport and Physical Activity Network (SISPAN).



“This online class allows me to continue with movement and exercise, connecting & joining each week, my online group supports me.” – Maurice, age 64, E6 resident with diabetes and high blood pressure


“I feel more relaxed. They make me more relaxed and with a little more energy. They make me more calm in myself. I continue during the day doing certain things as I walk around the house. So it’s kind of helped me because I’ve been doing it gradually, not just the day of the class.. I’m sitting down, maybe watching the tv or doing something, and I’ll start doing the exercise. The classes have had an overwhelmingly positive impact on my wellbeing. If I go out, I make sure I am back for the online class.” – Sandra, age 66, SE8 resident with high blood pressure 


“The sessions have given me more mobility and give me something to look forward to, it gives me motivation.” – Lisa, age 58, SE16 resident, recovering from a brain injury


“The impact Eloise’s gym sessions have had have been multiple. They have given me the confidence to go into a gym. I don’t usually go into a gym because I don’t feel it’s a space for me whereas this has allowed me to go into a gym and access a new space which I wouldn’t usually do. I have learnt about different ways to exercise the body that I didn’t have that knowledge before.. I live alone, I work remotely, I’m studying. It’s really nice to go out to somewhere. There’s the social element of it, it brings me into contact with people I wouldn’t usually be in contact with and I enjoy that. It makes me feel more part of the community.” – Jude, age 42, SE16 resident with a learning disability. 


“PTs are not something that are accessible to people on a low income so this is a great Initiative for people like myself with long term health conditions and on a low income to really put health first without worrying about the cost factor.” – Lile, age 44, SE12 resident with a long-term health condition 

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