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About us 

RJ4All is a charitable international institute with a mission to address power abuse, conflict, and poverty through the use of restorative justice values and practices. We do this through a combination of restorative justice projects delivered both internationally and locally at the RJ4All Rotherhithe Community Centre in London.

Who we are in two minutes

We advance community cohesion, equality, human rights, and redistribute power by supporting civil society and delivering social justice and poverty relief projects, educational programmes and high-quality volunteering opportunities for marginalised groups. 

What we do

At RJ4All, our commitment lies in actualising a world where the fundamental values of restorative justice – power-sharing, fairness, equality, dignity, and respect – are not just ideals but lived realities. 

We envision a world where the scourge of power abuse is eradicated, and where every person’s rights and dignity are not only acknowledged but fiercely protected. 

Through initiatives both in the UK and internationally, we are dedicated to turning this vision into tangible outcomes.

Here’s a snapshot of our work.

International Works

We implement projects in Europe aimed at promoting restorative justice values and practices. From preventing gender-based violence, countering extremism or restoring power in educational enviroment, our initiatives contribute to building more inclusive and just societies.

UK Initiatives

In the UK, we are at the forefront of journey to establish the world’s first restorative justice postcode. Our Community Centre stands at the heart of this journey, building a stronger, more resilient communities through a wide range of community-led activities and partnerships with local organisations. 

Research and Advocacy

We conduct rigorous research to demonstrate the efficacy of restorative justice in addressing social issues and promoting positive outcomes. Through advocacy and education, we strive to raise awareness about restorative justice principles and advocate for their widespread adoption, especially in policy design.

Trainings and E-courses

Empowering individuals and organisations with the knowledge and skills to implement restorative justice practices lies at the core of our work. Through certified e-courses and capacity-building programmes, we equip changemakers to champion restorative justice in their communities.

Our Impact

From Local to Global
We build our model locally, documenting successes and replicating best practices globally.
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Celebrating 10 years of impact
In the span of a decade, RJ4All has transformed a theoretical vision of restorative justice into tangible practices, marking a profound journey of growth and impact. What began in our founder and director’s kitchen has evolved into a distinguished organisation with a diverse and capable team of nearly 50 individuals.
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Empowering the individual
We provide education, internships and high quality volunteering opportunities
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RJ4All Power House
Our dedicated staff, committed interns, and passionate volunteers form the bedrock of this dynamic community, tirelessly working towards our shared mission.
Meet Our Team
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RJ4All was set up and is largely run by team members from all corners of the world, united by shared values: Power Sharing, Equality, Dignity, Respect and Fairness.
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RJ4All was constituted as a membership organisation and as such we are accountable to our members. We are an open and safe space for everyone who believes in our mission, vision and values.
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