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A Positive Prevention approach to Youth Radicalisation

RJ4All is pleased to offer this CPD accredited face-to-face course supported with training material and a reading list. 

This course aims to train youth workers, social workers, teachers and any professional who work with young people. 


A 3-day training course. 


The sessions will be charged according to our standard rates.


Professor Dr. Theo Gavrielides
If you would like to learn more about our efforts in tackling violent radicalisation check out our projects RDaVR and RADEX!


The aim of the training is to support future training iteration, and to sample a training example, which will be complemented by the online course. In detail, the main objectives are to increase the partners’ knowledge about youth violent radicalisation and the effects of a positive approach towards it. It is also about learning about existing initiatives, EU programmes and other projects on the topic of radicalisation, about practical examples and case studies to understand and to identify radicalisation signs, and act before, during, and after they appear in a positive manner. Overall, this training intends to improve stakeholders’ skills through learning activities and exchange of good practices to ensure quality training and to build a network of knowledge-compatible individuals.

How will it work?

First, this meeting of partners will be the opportunity to briefly revise the current state of the project and its work done so far. Through the presentation of the project, of the online course and a workshop about the notion of radicalisation, all participants will share their thoughts and observations with their peers. The event will be followed by the presentation of each of the 5 modules by the representatives of the partner responsible for its part of the course.

The other participants will be able to follow this module on a model close to the one that will be available on the online course of the project. The face-to-face format will allow for group activities on case studies and scenarios, to trigger debates and stimulate discussions.

Course Details

The five modules are as follows:

• Module 1 – Critical thinking and online content filtering to prevent radicalisation

• Module 2 – Positive political participation

• Module 3 – Strengthening youth resilience through creative thinking

• Module 4 – A positive prevention approach: the strengthening of the resilience of young people and a positive identity formation

• Module 5 – Understanding radicalisation: from theory to practice

Our work in Preventing Violent Extremism

Professor Theo Gavrielides has strived to tackle violent radicalisation and extremism for many years.  He created his own restorative justice model, which is a psychosocial intervention aiming to increase resilience and prevent anti-social behaviour. 

Instead of “managing” people as “risks”, the model focuses on promoting talents and strengths and through this approach help develop positive identities. This is captured as the Good Lives Model (GLM) articulated through the values and practices of restorative justice including power sharing, dialogue, fairness, equality and autonomy. 

In addition to this, Dr. Gavrielides carried out YEIP – a three year programme that aimed to design a youth-led, positive policy prevention framework for tackling and preventing the marginalisation and violent radicalisation among young people in Europe.   

Further Reading

You might also be intrested in literature that focuses on this topic:

Research findings on violent youth radicalisation in the UK, Cyprus, France, Greece and Belgium

This e-book presents a comprehensive report analysing the methodological framework and the findings of the research phase from the partner countries on radicalisation, and, together with the online course, aims to bring forward positive skills for young people to identify, deter and combat violent radicalisation.

The e-book is free and can be found here.

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