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Restorative Justice for All (RJ4All) is a charitable, user-led international institute with expertise in preventing and addressing harm at the individual, community and inter-state levels. We are one of the world’s leading experts in transferring complex criminological and social justice concepts into practice through real-life pilots and community projects.

At RJ4All, we view and deal with harm in a holistic manner and through positive, user-led methods. Our projects and campaign work are drawn from the belief that the most persistent driver of inequality is power abuse and that the bio-power that exists to prevent and control it is found in restorative justice communities.

RJ4All accepts referrals and self-referrals for restorative justice cases. We provide both online and face-to-face restorative justice as well as direct and indirect practices.

We work with all criminal and youth justice agencies as well as individuals (families, groups, harmed and harming parties), and can intervene at any stage in and beyond the criminal and youth justice systems. We can consider a wide range of cases whether these have been reported or not (examples: family conflicts, neighbourhood disputes, anti-social behaviour, personal and property violence, domestic abuse, hate incidents, youth violence, theft).

The RJ4All Rotherhithe Community Centre is South East London’s hub of community empowerment and cohesion.

Through the Centre, we aim to implement our Founder’s vision of making SE16 London’s first restorative post-code. At RJ4All, we believe that in order to achieve community cohesion and reduce anti-social behaviour, first we must adopt a holistic approach that addresses the reasons that lead to divisions.
Poverty and power abuse must be rooted out, if we are genuinely interested in supporting and empowering communities to participate and indeed enjoy civic life equally. 

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Find out how to join the RJ4All family & movement! Use your energy, talents and resources to bring inspiration and hope to those who need it.

As a non-profit NGO, none of our services generate profit and thus we rely on donations and grants to continue our mission. For every £5 that we receive, we can keep an intern into placement for a week, while £10 can go a really long way.

Support our community centre by donating your goods! We welcome in-kind donations to enhance our activities and services.

Be part of a new and great way of charity, without paying a single penny. All big retailers will do this for you by donating part of your payment to them! It takes only 1 minute to sign up!

As a non-profit, charitable NGO, RJ4All relies on its beneficiaries' support and goodwill in order to continue its mission. Most of our team members are volunteers, and we re-invest all our income into our charitable objectives and projects.

We abide by the European Solidarity Corps Charter and we partner with a number of organisations from across Europe to receive and send young people to perform social action through volunteering. Follow the link to read our offer to volunteers.

We consider applications for associates on an ongoing basis. We are particularly interested in hearing from individuals with research, training and practice experience in restorative justice, human rights, equality and criminal justice.

If you are an organisation in the voluntary, private or public sector that wants to work with us or submit jointly a funding application to UK, EU and international funders then we want to hear from you. Our only condition is that you empathise with our mission and values and that you sign up to our FREDA founding values!

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